Pursuant to your desire to re-let your apartment, please review and be advised of the following procedure.

Please fill out the information below including the date you will be moving and the phone number (s) or email address where prospective applicants can contact you. It is your responsibility to both advertise and show the apartment unless you personally make other arrangements with our office or your building engineer. To assist you in this process, we post your listing on our website once we receive this form. We will refer any inquiries to the phone number(s) you provide.

Once a prospective tenant is found, please have them go to our website and fill out the Rental Application. The application along with payment of $55.00 per person must be submitted through our website for processing. If accepted, the applicant will sign a new lease that will void out your current lease. A processing fee of $300-$500 is assessed for all new lessees. Until Dimensions Management has a signed lease with all monies paid and the new tenant takes possession of the apartment, you are responsible to fulfill all the terms of your current lease.

Once a new tenant is approved, you must return your keys to our management office. Do not give your keys to the new tenant. Please advise all new tenants that they are taking the apartment in “as is” condition and in accordance with the terms of your lease.

Please contact the office with any additional questions you may have.

Re-let Application